Areas of Practice

Wine Law


John Holdredge

“Wine law sounds interesting, but what does it involve?” is a question we are commonly asked. As counsel to the wine industry, we represent a wide range of companies- from vineyard and winery owners, to equipment manufacturers, vineyard management companies, and service providers like bottling lines and labor contractors. We wear a lot of hats—some in more general categories and some in more wine-specific categories, covering both transactional and litigation matters.

For example, we draft and negotiate matters such as grape purchase agreements and land/vineyard leases, prepare business formations (LLCs, partnerships and corporations), and oversee the acquisition and sale of undeveloped land, existing vineyards and wineries. We also assist clients in navigating land use and land development projects.  We are frequently called upon to address employment law issues- from such routine matters as wage and hour issues and termination issues, to more complex issues like dealing with organized labor.

On the flip side, we litigate a wide variety of matters from more generalized real estate matters as to more specific matters like easement claims and water rights, to contract breach matters and creditor claims, to more specialized matters such as damage to wineries and wines from a wide variety of causes.